[Ardour-Users] daisychaining firepods?

John Rigg au at sound-man.co.uk
Wed Apr 16 03:38:44 PDT 2008

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 05:28:06PM +1000, Andrew Johnston wrote:
> I'm not sure about the firepod way of doing things, but I do have an RME
> HDSP9852 with a Behringer Mixer with Optical Outs (I'm certain the preamps
> are the same as in the ADA8000).  I would have to disagree with Arnold about
> a noise generator.  I get almost zero noise from my system (zero from the
> RME...and probably -70dB of noise with the faders fully up....as in way
> above unity gain) - the only obvious difference is the quality of the
> sound.  I have a joemeek sixq 1 channel preamp and the difference in sound
> quality is defintely noticeable, but not HUGE...and for live performances,
> my Berhinger does a more than adequate job.  You also can be certain that
> the card is 100 percent supported in linux, and there are no synchronisation
> issues to worry about/experiment with.  So if the firepods DO work together
> with no hassles and the price is comparable, then I guess it will be
> better...but I would hesitate to say WAY better!

With the HDSP9652 you'd also have the option of upgrading your
converters later when the budget becomes available. There are
a lot of good ADAT-capable converters out there.


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