[Ardour-Users] complete project files for remix / learning /workshops etc?

Rob Canning robcanning at eircom.net
Fri Apr 11 09:29:21 PDT 2008


are there any complete project files out there that have a selection of 
instruments that could be used for doing remixes in an ardour workshop 
for example?

i would be interested in using something like this if its out there?
if its not out there anyone got some nice clean short project files they 
could put up somewhere?

a variety of pieces and styles would be nice so different students could 
work on different mixes.
this kind of resource would be great for teaching ardour if you have 
limited time and dont want to get involved with micing up drum kits, 
setting up monitoring etc.

what do people think of this idea?

where would be a good place to host such a thing (if it doesnt already 


rob c

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