[Ardour-Users] [LAU] music page updated

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Apr 8 03:31:59 PDT 2008

frank wrote:
> Well, check on the SM58, Ardour and Caps VPR, so I may be hearing the 
> benefit of the AudioBuddy  over my EuroRack 802 or the Delta 66 over 
> my Audigy2.  I'll take a closer look.
Sorry to say it, but I advise getting a better soundcard. I know the 
Audigy is a good card, but after switching to the Delta 66 I know I 
can't go back to consumer-grade cards.

The preamp can certainly color your sound. I bought the AudioBuddy on 
the advice of fellow users here on LAU, and I've not been disappointed 
in its performance.

> You're voice sounds better than mine, but we sound like twins on 
> harp.  I believe I once played that exact solo!
Well, it's the one I know. ;)



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