[Ardour-Users] rhythm ferret

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sun Apr 6 08:41:21 PDT 2008

Atte André Jensen:

> 1) What rhythm ferret is all about?

It's about splitting a region into pieces based on tweakable amounts 
of energy change.

Modus operandi: Select a region. Windows -> Rhythm Ferret. Tweak 
threshold and sensitivity and click Analyze to see the effect of your 
tweaks. Click Apply to apply the splits, close the dialog to cancel 
(A Cancel button wouldn't harm)

Its main use will probably be splitting rhythm based sound into rhythm 
particles in order to rearrange or create evil repetitive dance music 

In conjunction with "Set tempo from region" it lets you find out 
unknown tempo.

Anything with interesting events of energy change can be a tidbit for 
the ferret. Like speech (to single out words).

> 2) If it's working?

Yes. Quite good, actually. Btw, there's a close relative to the 
ferret -- I think it uses the same framework -- which is 
ctrl-left/right to move the playhead to the next/previous onset.


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