[Ardour-Users] Plugin Latency Compensation

Mark Greenwood fatgerman at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 5 14:06:54 PDT 2008

I know that Ardour is capable of compensating for the latency of a 
plugin used as an insert, if that plugin reports its latency correctly. 
But as a former Cubase user I've become highly neurotic about losing 
sync due to using plugins (Cubase is notoriously rubbish in this 
respect, even though VST plugins are supposed to report their latency). 
My sense of timing is good, but often my imagination plays tricks on 
me.... So far I've been very impressed with the way Ardour handles 
inserts but now I'm starting to mix some tracks I have a few questions 
which I hope the list can answer. I'm using Ardour 2.3.

1) Is there a list of which plugins report latency correctly?
2) Can I get any information out of Ardour when I install a plugin as an 
insert as to whether it has reported its latency?
3) Does a send (sending to a bus with an insert) add any latency to a 
track and if so does Ardour compensate for it?
4) When does Ardour calculate the latency? Some plugins latency changes 
as you adjust their parameters - does Ardour handle this?
5) What if I'm using Ardour as Jack time master and running Hydrogen. If 
I install inserts on tracks will Hydrogen remain in sync?

That's a lot of questions I know. Any information will be welcome.



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