[Ardour-Users] Pro Tools Compatibility

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Sep 29 01:25:39 PDT 2007

If you're able to run Wine or if you have a Windows box or partition 
available, you can have AAF import now.  However, it's pretty much 
untested - esp. for NTSC and dropframe, where it hasn't had any testing
at all.

On the Pro Tools side, I believe that PT only offers AAF export via the 
Digitranslator option, which is a chargeable extra. Again though, I've no 
idea how well it works....  If you know someone else with Digitranslator,
I'd suggest getting them to try some "dummy run" exports before you
commit yourself to the expense of Digitranslator.


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> On Wed, 2007-08-29 at 10:42 -0400, Carlos J. Muentes wrote:
>> Hey All,
>>                 Is it possible to import/export Pro tools sessions?
>> That is, is there any interoperability with Pro Tools either in
>> existence, or planned?  Thanks!!
> only via a standard that we can get docs for, which basically means AAF.
> protools session use a closed, proprietary, binary format. AAF handling
> is coming, but slowly rather than "tomorrow". i am not sure if PT offers
> "export to AAF" for free at the moment.
> --p
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