[Ardour-Users] X Runs at Exactly 10 Minute Intervals - SOLVED

Martin Lynch martin.lynch at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 28 03:29:00 PDT 2007

I'm starting to wonder what other services are running on the machine.  
something like sendmail could easily be running a queue or whatever, every 
10 minutes.   likewise mailman, sympa and a host of other things.  kill 
them all, then test (-:

David                       http://iwr.ru.ac.za/~iwdf/
If you receive email saying "Send this to everyone you know",
           PLEASE pretend you don't know me

Thanks for the tip, David - as I write this, Qjackctl shows 14:35 since 
the last X Run!!!

I don't have this completely narrowed down as to the offending 
program(s), however what I did was open the System Monitor and began 
stopping programs I thought were either likely offenders or simply 
unnecessary. One thing I didn't realize was that Evolution (linux mail 
client), despite not being my default mail client and not being active 
still had 4 programs running - remains to be seen if that's the culprit. 
Here's what I currently have stopped:

getty (there were 6 instances of this running, all showing the identical 
amount of memory being used - I left one on and stopped the other 5 - no 
idea what this is - will research it further - but doubt this has 
anything to do with the X run issue, since one is still running)

FYI: I'm now at over 22 mins without an X run, still at my 2ms latency 
setting and I happen to be watching an HD movie at the same time! (and 
no, it didn't take me 8 mins to write this - had to have a pillsbury 
turnover break for fortitude ; - )

I'd really like to thank everyone that helped me with this issue - one 
of the best things about switching to linux has been the community - 
thanks guys!!!

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