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Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 18:26:06 PDT 2007

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Date: Sep 28, 2007 10:55 AM
Subject: Re: [Ardour-Users] [LAU] X Runs at Exactly 10 Minute Intervals
To: martin.lynch at shaw.ca

Someone posted about a similar problem a short time ago.
In qjackctl do you have persistent patchbay connections turned on?  If so,
have you got it to refresh the connections every 10 minutes?  If you do then
that is your problem.

Andy J

On 9/28/07, Martin Lynch <martin.lynch at shaw.ca> wrote:

>  Yes, Ubuntu Feisty, and likewise can't find any help on this in the
> Ubuntu community (but glad it's not just my particular setup..sorry!) :-)
> I've tried all the suggestions regarding X Runs I've come across and just
> compiled Qjackctl 1.0.3 last night but now can't get the firewire to work
> at all - will tinker with it further tonight.
> Are you also using the M-Audio Firewire Solo? Is there any chance it's the
> Solo unit itself which does some sort of polling at 10 min intervals???
> FYI Clemens: yes, am using the very evil proprietary Nvidia drivers on a
> 7600 card; will try disabling the 3D acceleration this evening and report
> back.
> Thanks all for your continuing suggestions!
> Hartmut Noack wrote:
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> Martin Lynch schrieb:
>  Hoping someone can help me figure out what's causing X runs at precisely
> 10 minute intervals - not 9:59, not 10:01 but exactly 10 mins.
>  Have you got UBUNTU?
> I have the exactly same problem here - and nobody in the
> UBuntu-Community could offer an answer.
> If I watch top very closely I think I can see something about HAL
> happening in the timeframe of question - did not manage to find any hint
> in the HAL-configuration though....
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