[Ardour-Users] X Runs at Exactly 10 Minute Intervals

Florian Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Thu Sep 27 01:17:47 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 26 September 2007, Martin Lynch wrote:
> Hoping someone can help me figure out what's causing X runs at precisely
> 10 minute intervals - not 9:59, not 10:01 but exactly 10 mins.

Try a realtime kernel, setup your irq and jack prios and see if you still get 
XRuns.. If so, it's either a jack backend or audio driver issue (or some jack 
app misbehaves but ardour is rather well behaved ;))..

Anyways, using a latency of 2ms on a non RT system is asking for trouble. You 
don't get scheduling guarantees. Any olde driver can decided to keep the CPU 
to itself for extended times (network drivers are sometimes notorious for 

Try with bigger latency (i'd suggest 1024 frames on a non-RT system, even more 
since you run a 96khz.. maybe 2048)


Palimm Palimm!

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