[Ardour-Users] software monitoring

yves laisné yvln at free.fr
Sun Sep 23 14:21:23 PDT 2007

Hi !

i'm trying to use software monitoring it's difficult to listen  to the 
mix on the monitoring out
the control out of the tracks are pre pan so mono
there is no control out on the master or the busses
by default the solo are on ( when no  solo is selected all the contol 
output are on )
there is no connection between the tracks and the master solos

to listen to the mix i use a direct out of the master to a new track so 
i can listen to the master on this new track and switch between tracks 
and mix
not so easy to use but it works

could it be possible to select what is sent to the monitoring bus  when 
no solo is selected for instance a master , anoher bus, a return?

using rev 2475
i find the new import dialog really nice
what could be helpfull would be to be abble to list the files of a 
folder and save the informations seen in this dialog to a file so we can 
use it in a spreadsheet with gnumeric

many thanks

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