[Ardour-Users] Important test:

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Sep 17 09:57:03 PDT 2007

Well, one thing it isn't is lack of RAM - although I did have a serious lack
of RAM up until this afternoon.  I noticed this morning that from my 512MB
RAM, OpenSuse was hogging a whopping 445MB all to itself - leaving me with
just a measly 67MB.  After loading Ardour (or indeed, most programs) I was
down to under 10MB of RAM available.

So this afternoon, I added a further 1GB - unfortunately though, it hasn't
improved the problem... :-(

At least that's one thing eliminated.  I can start a new Mantis thread - but
if the problem is a common one, aren't there already reports about it?



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> "John Emmas" <johne53 at tiscali.co.uk> writes:
>> I'd gladly start a new thread in Mantis if other people have had
>> similar problems
> This is not a bug related to ardour, it's JACK.
>> is it worth it if it's only happening to me?
> This is a common problem and it's most definitely related to your
> setup. You should document how you start JACK and how your PCI
> configuration is set up, GPU drivers, etc, which is the most
> important.
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