[Ardour-Users] Long running bug that hasn't gone away

Andrew Johnston andyandtaya at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 17:09:46 PDT 2007

I've been using Ardour since 0.99.2 and am currently running 2.0.5.  I
haven't mentioned this problem before as it is completely random and doesn't
happen on all my sessions, but it's got to the point where I'm getting
frustrated so I thought I'd mention it to see what you guys say.  In every
version of Ardour that has been released since 0.99.2 I have had an
occasional problem where pressing the 'p' button to position the playhead
causes ardour to exit/crash.  It doesn't happen on all my sessions, but
invariably begins to happen in sessions that get bigger and more complex.
It is completely random, sometimes it will crash the first or second time I
move the playhead, and other times it might take 20 odd minutes into a mix
for it to happen - but once it begins it is almost guaranteed to cause a
crash within a couple of minutes.  I haven't gone on irc to debug as I am
always asleep (live in Australia) when the main devs are online so I thought
I'd post it here.  I checked mantis and can't find anything related to it,
however it may have been an issue previously that was thought to have been
'solved'.  I'm mentioning it now because I'm beginning to get really
frustrated having to manually move the playhead with the mouse.  One thing I
have discovered is that it 'appears' to happen more frequently with VST's
enabled, however on older versions of ardour I did not have VST support and
it still occured.
So has anyone else ever noticed this as an issue? or is my pc just a freakin
I know the devs probably want a backtrace and all that, but I've recently
moved to JACKLAB from gentoo and don't know how to make that happen within
this distro, also as I said i can't get on irc at 2am in the morning to go
through the process with them anyway, so...I was hoping someone else had the
same problem and could narrow it down a little further?

Thanks for any help, I'm not pissed off (except for the few seconds after
the session crashes =0 ), and I really do admire the work of everyone who
puts into Ardour.

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