[Ardour-Users] Ardour Error loading session

Anthony Bonello anthonybonello_music at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 06:07:49 PDT 2007

Hi, I am new to this mailing list.

I have followed linux and open source audio related software for some time now, but still am at newbie level technically.

I bought studio-to -go 2 from Fervent and installed it and the system seems to work fine.

I have a problem with Ardour. I am not sure if it relates only to the version which comes with this particular distribution or not.

I created my first project by loading a number of stereo wav files. I saved it. The following day I reopened the session and added other audio files. Now I am retrying to open the session and I am getting an error saying unable to open ports. Is there a work around this? Can I recover the project? I tried rebooting - does not work.



PS: System: AMD X2 +3800, 2Gb RAM, Asus Crosshair MoBo, RME Hammerfall Multiface II,
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