[Ardour-Users] Pitch shifting, AU Plugs? :-)

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Fri Oct 12 15:55:18 PDT 2007

>  >    Any chance the OSX version will ever support AU plugs?  Looks like
>  > for now I'll be doing my pitch-shifting in Garage Band or Amadeus or
>>  whatever.
>the native one will.

    Cool!  Hang on.  Do you mean a *real* native version, or just 2.1? 
You shouldn't call it native just because it's bundled with X11...

>  >    Wow, wonder if I can do it live by looping through GB with Jack?!?!?!???
>you can.


>you can also use SWH's AM Pitchshifter from the swh ladspa plugin set.

    Sounds awful.  I'm going for a natural sound here...


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