[Ardour-Users] Start time bug? w/0.99 file?

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Sun Oct 7 20:39:56 PDT 2007

>Also does it go forward when it does this or does it only do it when it
>is beyond that point in the timeline?

    It goes either way.  Inexplicably, today, it's working fine.

>On Fri, 2007-10-05 at 21:47 -0400, Michael Dunn wrote:
>>  I'm just trying to edit a session recorded on 0.99 with 2.0.5, and
>>  whenever I click the 'rewind' button, the playhead goes to ~5:10
>>  instead of 0.  Yes, the start marker is at 0!
>It might be useful if you could send the output of:
>    grep Location <your session>.ardour
>(where <your session> is replaced with the path to your session)

    Here's what it is now, which is, as I said, working:

     <Location id="1191800424" name="end" start="308846066" 
end="308846066" flags="IsMark,IsEnd"/>
     <Location id="1191800425" name="Loop" start="0" end="13230000" 
     <Location id="1191800426" name="Punch" start="0" end="13230000" 
     <Location id="1191635002" name="start" start="0" end="0" 

    Yet here is the "-1-1" version:

     <Location name="end" start="308846066" end="308846066" flags="33"/>
     <Location name="Loop" start="0" end="13230000" flags="12"/>
     <Location name="Punch" start="0" end="13230000" flags="10"/>
     <Location name="mark" start="5815384" end="5815384" flags="1"/>

    Hmmm, no 'start' location.  Fishy?


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