[Ardour-Users] OMG, help!

Michael Dunn md at cantares.on.ca
Sun Oct 7 20:25:18 PDT 2007

    Aaagh, I've been editing for a couple of hours.  Saved 6 
snapshots.  Saved the session once or twice.  But now, though the 
earlier snapshots look right, the latest is missing all my edits. 
And so is the main project file!!!!!

    Okay, hang on.  That's when accessed through the snapshot list.  I 
just closed, then opened that last snapshot directly, and it looks 
ok.  But, the main session file that I'd saved is still completely 
unedited.  Is this how it's supposed to work???

    Now, I can access that last snapshot after reloading the main 
file.  But it definitely wasn't working before I closed it...  Don't 
know how many more of these adrenalin-moments I can handle...


p.s., I keep getting new files created with "-1" added to the 
previous name (I'm up to "name-1-1-1-1".  Huh...?

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