[Ardour-Users] gak

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Nov 12 18:58:12 PST 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 18:47 -0800, Martin Lynch wrote:

> I'm having the same problem re: Disk Can't Keep Up and posted this issue 
> to Ardour forum but no response. 

it probably needs to be made more apparent that the forums are not the
primary support venue for ardour, even though we do try to respond to
most of the issues that come up there in some way.

> I ended up having to delete all the 
> other regions it created in order to play the simple 4 track drum tracks 
> I'd recorded from Hydrogen. Like you, I have a RAID 0 setup and there's 
> no logical way my drives could be bogged down playing four simple tracks 

actually, yes, they could. i ran into a situation earlier this summer
with a brand-spanking new, super fast system with two identical disks
(both SATA 7200rpm). one of the disks (the system disk - coincidence,
who knows?) was completely unusable for ardour - it couldn't record 3
tracks without a disk underrun. the other disk (formatted identically)
could handle 35+ tracks with ease. what is to blame for this incredible
disparity in behaviour? the disk h/w? the filesystem? the kernel i/o
scheduler? fragmentation? who really knows .... all i know is that to
assume that the fact that ardour reports the error means tht ardour is
to blame is premature ...

> I did notice that there were an inordinately high number of regions - ie 
> perhaps 50+, which was odd given I'd only tried to record the damn thing 
> maybe 4 times. 

if they do not overlap, its not an issue. if they overlap, then you
either did lots of punches or you edited them so that they overlapped.
and *this* is an issue, currently.

> I'm blissfully ignorant about programming etc but I won't 
> let that stop me from suggesting it's a RAID implementation error in 
> Ardour...

ardour doesn't have a "RAID" implementation other than the capability to
spread files out across different disks. that doesn't happen unless you
specifically add stuff to the "RAID Path"

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