[Ardour-Users] New ardour user - two questions and one bug to report

Lokmer dsawyer at blenderwars.com
Mon Nov 12 18:38:47 PST 2007

Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> What version of Ardour are you using and can you describe your computer 
> setup a bit (hardware, audio interface, OS/version, etc)?  How many tracks 
> are you trying to record and play back at a time, and at what bitrate and 
> sample rate?
Using Ardour 2.1 on an HP dv6000 laptop. NVidia onboard soundcard (yes, 
I know it's crap, but this is just my little on-the-go editing box), 
Ubuntu Feisty.  Two mono tracks - playback only, 48khz 16bit.  Running 
linux 2.6.20 kernel.
> Do you see any error messages from JACK or qjackctl (if you started JACK 
> that way) about xruns or warnings about your disk(s) not being able to 
> keep up with the amount of data you need to move?  
Nope, no xruns or disk warnings.
> If you're precording or 
> playing back multiple tracks, does the popping/hissing go away at all if 
> you run fewer simultaneous tracks?  Note that just muting a track won't 
> reduce your I/O load - you need to temporarily disable the tracks you 
> don't need to use at the time.

Nope.  Behavior is the same with only a single mono track playing.  
Sounds kind of like an overdriven signal being played through a badly 
blown speaker, but the signal levels are all appropriately low, no 
clipping anywhere in the chain, and the source files playback fine on 
the same speakers when not being played through ardour.

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