[ardour-users] bcf2000 + ardour2.0.2 problems

Josh Parsons josh.parsons at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Wed May 30 16:46:52 PDT 2007

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Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
> So fellas (Josh Parsons, John Moore Liles, Joe Hartley) each of you 
> has some experience with the BCF2000 and ardour 2.0.2....

I don't have much to add to what Joe said.  I am using qjackctl; I find
that the qjackctl patchbay is a great way to configure midi connections.
 It's also invaluable if you have a many-channel audio card, to connect
different pieces of software to different outputs.

Back in the pre-2.0 days, I used udev to create symlinks to raw alsa
devices.  If you have a linux system, and can't get qjackctl to work,
you might find my udev configuration useful.

If you create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/55-midi.rules containing the
following line:

KERNEL=="midiC[0-9]D0", ATTRS{product}=="BCF2000", SYMLINK+="midi-bcf2000"

Then you'll get a /dev/midi-bcf2000 device which can be used in the
device attribute of a MIDI-port element in your ardour.rc (and which
will not be sensitive to the order in which your midi devices are
switched on!)

Using qjackctl is vastly preferable to this method however.

> My BCF is in Logic Control mode.

Judging by the replies to my earlier post it seems that the Mackie /
Logic Control support in ardour is presently too unstable to be really
usable.  I'm going to go back to using generic midi.

The programmability of generic midi is an advantage over mackie
emulation anyway (you can map effects to faders if you want, for
example).  The main reason I wanted to use mackie mode was that it's a
pain to have to bind a fader (and bind the mute button, and the record
button - if binding the record button worked!) each time you create a track.

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