[ardour-users] "Clipping" type noise when monitoring or during playback

timoelli at frontiernet.net timoelli at frontiernet.net
Sat May 26 15:14:48 PDT 2007

I?m a linux newbie and setup my first linux machine. Yesterday I sat  
down to figure out Ardour. I can import .paf files from old Paris  
Projects and .wav files as tracks in Ardour. I can set Ardour up to  
record a new track via a line input. The problem is when I playback  
the files I have imported, or monitor what I am about to record I get  
what sounds to me like clipping. It doesn?t matter though what the  
level is. It can be very low and I still get the distorion. I can play  
mp3 files in Rythymbox and I don?t have any problems. I can play cds  
and don?t have any problems. I haved figured out the basics I think,  
of alsamixer and jack. Being very new to this though I?m kind of  
stuck. What should I try next to solve this?

Any advise would be appreciated, thank you.

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