[ardour-users] Tascam US-428 and Input Monitoring

Matt Savigear mcs_ardour at savigear.com
Wed May 16 15:42:04 PDT 2007


I think this is almost certainly my ignorance, but I have just found
that when I attempt to record using my Tascam US-428 the monitoring for
the recorded inputs goes dead, so you can't hear what you are playing.
Existing tracks play back fine, it's just the current input which is muted.

I am using Karsten's pseudo-device HW1:2 with duplex IO support and
(default) input and output devices under JACK. This works fine with the
full 4 inputs (i.e. the signal is recorded) other than the fact that the
musicians can't hear themselves playing. This is leading to some
avoidable gaffes!

I have tried switching on and off both software and hardware monitoring
in ardour and also checking or unchecking "monitor" in qjackctl. The
"input monitor" button on the actual hardware seems to toggle the status
light but this doesn't have any other effect either.

Any help would be useful - I expect I'll have to come back with some
more setup details. Also, I guess this might be a JACK problem rather
than an ardour one, so if this list doesn't know I'll copy that one in
the morning.



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