[ardour-users] BCF2000 not working in ardour 2.0.1.. too bad

Matt at yahoo matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Tue May 15 07:36:59 PDT 2007

Jesse Chappell a écrit :
> On 5/15/07, Matt at yahoo <matt_0pr at yahoo.fr> wrote:
>> Hello !
>> First i want to thank all the developpers for the great work... i'm
>> following this on linuxsince the 0.99 version.. end the 2.0.1 works 
>> great !
>> I'm now owning a macbook core2 duo, running 10.4.9, and ardour is
>> running fine.. except with my BCF2000, either in BC mode or in
>> LogicControl mode. the mackie emulation mode is not usable, is it ?
> You have to use Midi Patchbay to connect your bcf to the 'mcu' ports
> of ardour to use the logic control mode.  Or the 'control' ports for
> using the generic midi bindings.
> jlc
I can't acces the "MIDI" tab on the "connections" window in qjackctl - 
it's grayed
And i don't see any midi conection in the patchbay..

And the BCF is working well with "ableton live" either in mackie or 
generic mode

I'm completely lost.


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