[ardour-users] SVN switcheroo

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed May 9 19:43:20 PDT 2007

For Ardour users who build from the SVN code repository:

SVN changes:

what was ..../ardour2/branches/2.0.1 is now
called ..../ardour2/branches/2.0-ongoing to more accurately reflect its

what was trunk is now, for most of you, gone.

what was the MIDI branch is now trunk.

this means, in all likelihood, some regression. i've tested the new
trunk code and most everything seems to work OK, but breakage is

it is now OK for people to start making long term changes to trunk, but
keep in mind that patches created from the old 2.0 codebase will likely
need reworking because of the addition of MIDI and all that this means.

please do a fresh checkout of either 2.0-ongoing or trunk; do not
attempt to update or switch.

finally, Dave Robillard asks me to mention that MIDI in sessions created
with trunk will likely change and many not supported after changes he
makes in the relatively near term future. Please feel free to play with
MIDI support, but do not create long term, important sessions using the
current code base.


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