[ardour-users] starting jack in mac osx

John Russell jjrussell at gmail.com
Tue May 8 16:58:33 PDT 2007

This isn't technically an ardour question but I'm trying to figure
this out so I can use ardour so I guess it counts.

Does anyone have working settings for qjackctl on a macbook pro?
Every time I try to start it up it is infinitely helpful by saying

19:50:39.563 Could not start JACK. Sorry.
19:50:41.992 JACK was stopped successfully.

that's fantastic.  Also, I've tried using jackpilot but I haven't
found a way to play sound out of the speakers.  The only send port is
the built in speaker and the only receiving port is what ardour sets
up.  I've tried this on linux and there is a connector for the
speakers, like alsa out or something.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  Can't wait to
try ardour2 on the mac and get rid of cubase LE.


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