[ardour-users] noise during playback

Jordi Farran jordifarran at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 08:45:52 PDT 2007

On 31/03/07, Sampo Savolainen wrote:
> On Sat, 2007-03-31 at 16:16 +0200, Jordi Farran wrote:
> >
> > No, I am not using realtime in jackd. I believe I need to recompile
> > the kernel or something to run it with realtime privileges; am I
> > wrong? About parameters for jackd, I am not sure: I use qjackctl, so I
> > do not directly using comand line parameters. I am running kernel
> > 2.6.18 (optimized for 686), Debian distribution.
> > Many thanks,
> You do not need to recompile a kernel. You just need to run jackd with
> the -R flag. If your system is set up properly, it will Just Work(tm).
> If it says it can't get rights, then you should google around for how to
> set up pam on debian to do that, or see if this is enough information
> for you:
> http://alsa.opensrc.org/RealtimeKernelAndPAM
> The noise you are hearing is most likely xruns. If your system is not
> capable of doing RT like it is, you can try to increase the buffer size
> and maybe the number of periods per buffer. If you are doing "serious
> work", I advice strongly against running without -R.
> Btw. the memlock limit in the opensrc.org page is a bit weird. Use at
> least 500000 .
>   Sampo

Thanks. I am not doing really "serious work", at least at this moment.
But I have managed to run jackd in realtime. However, no difference is
noticed :( Increasing buffer size or periods per buffer does not help

I have investigated about xruns, and I think this is not the cause.
The xruns happen sometimes when I minimize/maximize the window, and a
big click/pop is heard. But the noise I am talking about is more
continuous and not so loud (and has no xrun associated).

Something may be interesting: I have noticed that noises always begin
after a few seconds of playback, and never immediately... I will try
to find out what happens.

Thanks for your help!

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