[ardour-users] Ardour on mac or linux

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Wed Mar 21 07:18:43 PDT 2007

Peter Hagen wrote:
> Thanks. I know the machine can handle it. But the issue is the 
> hardware to get enough channels. So, you have 2x a pci card for the 
> m-audio 1010 installed? and they are connected with a clock thing? And 
> alsa is configured to use it as one?
> Peter
This can also be accomplished using 2 Terratec EWS88's. With every EWS88 
you'll get a small cable that is used to sync the cards to each other.

One card will act as master and one as slave, doubling the in- and 
outputs of the card. A friend of mine uses this setup in his studio 
using Windows... I don't know how envy24control will cope with more than 
one card, but I believe I've read some success stories somewhere...

If you have a limited budget and fairly happy with your current card, 
I'd shop for a second hand EWS88...


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