[ardour-users] Is ardour ready ?

Amias Channer something at amias.org.uk
Wed Mar 21 06:12:25 PDT 2007

Hello All ,

I am currently writing an article for publication in Linux Format , its about
using linux for professional audio work. 

I've been using ardour a lot for this and its been great but i need to get
a picture of how well accepted it has become commercialy .

Heres where i beg you indulgence , if you use ardour in a commerical
studio or can tell me of somewhere big that uses it i would be most aprreciative.

Any other comments about new features and or stumbling blocks towards acceptance
would also be usefull , although i don't want to start a flame-war ;)

I'm happy to take this off-list if its not on-topic enough , your call ..

Thanks :)


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