[ardour-users] 2.0 beta12 released

Harold Aling h.aling at home.nl
Mon Mar 19 15:43:29 PDT 2007

Brett W. McCoy wrote:
> On 3/19/07, Harold Aling <h.aling at home.nl> wrote:
>>  Whenever I need to record something, I have to reboot to Windows... Syncing
>> multiple apps through Jack is not an option. Besides the fact that i don't
>> like to edit in different apps at the same time, it just doesn't work
>> flawlessly (dropouts, BPM changes do not work, etc).
> Is there a reason you can't use Rosegarden or Muse to record your MIDI
> stuff? Jack sync between Rosegarden & Ardour works very well (you
> don't need to use jack for recording MIDI, only if you want to record
> the audio output of a synth).

/"Jack sync between Rosegarden & Ardour works very well" /- I don't 
share this experience. For example, when setting Ardour's time master to 
jack and looping a range makes Ardour stutter, use up 100% CPU time and 
-before the beta 12 release- crash ardour completely.

Rosegarden uses KDE, which I find very irritating for an application. 
IMHO, applications should use a toolkit, not a desktop environment.

Learning yet another application and the stacking of different windows 
while editing a single project are not on the top of my wish list...

I have tried a combination of Ardour and Hydrogen, but I didn't get BPM 
changes to work correctly (and of course the 


PS, this specific thread is intended to show gratitude to Paul and his 
team for releasing a much more stable beta version of my DAW-to-be, not 
to hear me whine about my personal dislikes of Ardour, and the linking 
possibilities using jack. Please do not reply to it anymore...
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