[ardour-users] Tracks losing inputs (changing to buses) also, "recover from crash"

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Fri Mar 16 19:38:59 PDT 2007

Taybin Rutkin wrote:
> On Mar 15, 2007, at 11:23 PM, Larry Troxler wrote:
>> I typically quit ardour by using pkill, which I believe by default sends
>> SIGTERM. I mention this because I suspect that my problem might be
>> related to this.
>> Two troublesome things are happening. First, when I load ardour, it
>> sometimes shows the "recover from crash" dialog.
> Why don't you quit from the Quit menu item?  That ensures that session 
> cleanup is run on Ardour.

I have two overall setups. One is a composition I'm working on, and 
another is a a configuration for live use, as a music synthesizer. I use 
shell scripts to stop and start the applications I need, and they use 
different ardour session files.

In the live synth setup, I'm really using ardour mainly as a mixer, with 
the added ability of course to record the rehearsals. So of course it's 
questionable why I really need ardour for this, but I would hate to have 
to use two different apps, one for live and one for home composition.

It's in the live setup that it's not ideal to close ardour using the 
menu, because ideally I want to use the machine as a black box - my 
startup loads all the apps, etc.. I have a bit of system configuration 
to do before I'm at the point where I don't need a user interface, but 
that's what I want to work toward. The less need for a keyboard, mouse, 
and display the better.

In the mean time, I unchecked the option to do autosaves, so I suppose 
if this is what's causing the tracks/busses to change mysteriously, the 
n the problem will be solved. I'll work with it like this for a while 
and see.


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