[ardour-users] Looping Punch-in/out tracks

Brett Clark Brett at ciscoinc.com
Tue Jun 19 19:10:33 PDT 2007

Okay folks,
  i probably should have tried this before posting anything, but i went
and downloaded Ardour 2.0.2 build 1810 tonight.  And as it was building
i thought about how cool it would have been if it was build 1812.  You know,
the 1812 overture thing.  Anyway, when i tried this with build 1810 it worked
fine.  So, no problem here anymore.


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Subject: [ardour-users] Looping Punch-in/out tracks

After reading some of the discussion from this weekend and yesterday, i decided 
to try the looping punch-in/punch-out method.  This is a method that i unsuccessfully 
tried back on 0.99.3, but have been looking forward to being able to do.  Im running 
FC5 and Ardour 2.0rc2 ( i dont remember the build number, so i hope the rc2 part tells 
all that is needed ).  
Heres my setup:  I started with a basic session ( 1 mono guitar rhythm, 1 stereo 
drum track, no plugins, no automation ) and added a single mono track for a guitar 
solo that i will punch in at a specific point.  I created the punch in/out area,  then i 
encapsulated that within a loop that spanned 2 bars before the punch-in and 1 bar 
after the punch-out.  I selected the 'punch-in' and 'punch-out' buttons, the master 
record, and the track record for the track i needed punched, and finally started the 
process rolling with the 'loop' transport button.
Heres my issue:  It worked great the first time through, but on the 2nd loop (and 
all additional loops) i lost all output from the rhythm and drum tracks until i hit 
the punch-in point again.  Ardour wasnt even showing metering for these tracks.
Has anyone else run across this?  

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