[ardour-users] Fwd: [LAU] Ardour: fixing errors in a recorded track (was: DAW usability)

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Sun Jun 17 11:21:21 PDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-06-17 at 14:04 -0400, Paul Winkler wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 10:28:57AM -0700, Mark Knecht wrote:
> > On 6/17/07, Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net> wrote:
> > > > This is probably the biggest reason a moderately skilled player like
> > > > me really enjoyed recording in Pro Tools. In PT I could setup a
> > > > punch-in range where I wanted to rerecord, basically since my first
> > > > take was junk for a certain number of bars. I could loop PT over a
> > > > longer range both before and after the punch in points so that I could
> > > > get the groove before hand and not cut of my recording at the end. PT
> > > > took care of adding and naming a new audio take for each time I looped
> > > > over the punch-in range and put them in a play list for me to choose
> > > > the one I finally wanted to keep. I might record the same 8 or 16 bars
> > > > 20 times to get things sounding good, trying different ideas, etc.
> > > > After that it was easy to delete the new takes that I wasn't going to
> > > > use and the moderate skilled player ended up with what sounded like
> > > > one coherent take.
> > > >
> > >
> > >     I never thought of looping over it.  It seems like it should work
> > > though (and it sounds like a very good idea).
> > >
> > > Jan
> > >
> > >
> > It didn't a long time ago - maybe 2-3 years back. As I say I hardly
> > use Ardour anymore so I'm just so out of touch I figured I'd ask.
> > Always looking for a way to link up with Linux Audio again one of
> > these days.
> > 
> > If you or someone else has a chance to try it out I'd be interested in
> > the results. Pretty important when you loop over and over again over
> > the same location is that each take has to get an independent name or
> > you cannot find the take you want to hang on to.
> I just tried this in ardour2, and it works :)
> - in the "loop/punch ranges" timeline, select the range you want to
>   punch. When you finish dragging, you get prompted to either "Set
>   loop range" or "Set punch range".  Choose the latter.  (The current
>   snap-to setting affects the selection, of course.)
> - Again in the "loop/punch ranges" timeline, select the range you want
>   to hear played back, and choose "Set loop range".
> - Enable the "Punch In" and "Punch Out" buttons (near top right).
> - Click the Record button, then when you're ready to start, click the
>   Loop button.
> Ardour will now loop over the loop range you selected, and each time
> it crosses the punch in marker, it will start recording a new take on
> top, and stop recording when it crosses the punch out marker.
> Each take is saved as a new region on top of the previous ones.  It
> gets named trackname-x.y where trackname is the name you gave the
> original track, and x.y are numbers unique to the take.  You can treat
> these regions just like any other region... delete them, rename them,
> trim them, move them up and down in the stack, drag them to other
> tracks, etc.
> I don't know how it compares to other DAWs for ease of use, but since
> I've never tried punch-in in Ardour before, and the first technique I
> thought to try worked on the first attempt, without referring to any
> docs (other than button tooltips), I'd say it's pretty intuitive :)

    That's the same thinng I did but I was unable to raise each take to
the top layer to listen to them.  Did you try that?

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