[ardour-users] new sesion on Mac OS X 10.4.8

josue moreno josuemoreno1 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 12 11:09:49 PDT 2007

Thanks for the answer but it is not that the problem, i cant get any window,
actually i found a tricky solution:
i open the terminal and drag over it  /Contents/MacOS/Ardour2   then i press 
enter and it starts...

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Because it's an X11 program, the normal menubar on the mac isn't used.  
Ardour has its own menubar inside its window.


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 >Subject: [ardour-users] new sesion on Mac OS X 10.4.8
 >Hi list,
 >it is my first time on Ardour, ive downloaded the latest version and had
 >installed all the extras, when i start ardour it opens my x11  and start
 >itself but in the menus everything is disabled, actually Page Setup is
 >have had anyone the same trouble?
 >Im on PPC Mac OS X 10.4.8
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