[ardour-users] Ardour 2.0 and MCU

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 21:32:26 PDT 2007

Well I have finally gotten the Mackie Control Universal Pro to respond 
correctly in Ardour.  Or rather Ardour to respond to it I should say, as 
previously I could not get anything on the mackie to effect settings in 
Ardour, it was odd, I had to turn OFF the online switch in the Options 
editor in order for this to work though next to MCU(And everything else).

I am wondering t hough, if there is a good way to add functionality to 
the MCU Pro I have, as there are some things I would like to change and 
some things that are not supported.  The Midi Trace works wonders in 
finding control numbers I want for things like the scroll wheel, and 
various buttons that are not implemented, but I am not sure if I can map 
these manually, or if that has to be done in the code which I haven't 
looked at yet.  If it has to be done in the code, would it not be 
preferable to have some plain text mappings for various control 
surfaces, for example there are differences between the BCF and the 
Mackie I believe, that might want to be changed(As a random button right 
now I tihnk adds markers on my Mackie, I didn't test throughly yet, or 
the many controls not implemented in the Mackie), or various things that 
might want to be fixed(MUTE and SOLO buttons for instance do not latch 
currently, not sure if there is a setting I missed to change that as 
they latch correctly in my session)

Anyways I would love to work with whoever to get these implemented.


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