[ardour-users] portable 2 (or more) channel audio interface recommendations?

Dan Tepper dan at wintaper.com
Mon Jun 4 12:47:10 PDT 2007


so I see you went (sorta) the same route I went...

returned the Focusrtie 26i/o (gahhhbage) and went OctoPre LE. I did the
OctoPre w/ADAT, it rocks with the HDSP9652 - I am able to simultaneously
record all 3 Octo's plus Spdif for 26 ins.

the flexibility of the HDSP9652 is worth the money. its a great card. I
only wish it did 32 inputs as I always seem to need one more than I have.


david headon wrote:
> I'm having great success with a combination of the RME 9652 hdsp pci
> card, and the Focusrite Octopre LE.
> I tried the Focusrite 26 i/o unit thinking to use the optical ports, but
> all the routing of that unit is firewire controlled, along with all of
> the onboard dsp capabilities.
> Great unit, but i already had the Hammerfall card, so wanted to go
> ADAT-optical.
> The Octopre ( proper) is equipped with compressors on each channel,
> which is nice, and an ADAT optical out, BUT has no ADAT input, AND id
> quite expensive,
> so if you need an all in one solution, the
> Octopre-LE, has ADAT in and out, eight platinum mic/line pres, of which
> two have instrument impedance matching.
> the onboard meter is assignable to any of the channels, and the unit
> slaves nicely to the Hammerfalls internal clock.
> Oh ya, the hardware monitoring works flawlessly thru the hammarfall, tho
> you can switch this over on the Octopre-LE.
> I am hoping though, to hear more promising word regarding ongoing
> development of the Hammerfall drivers, which apparently are no longer
> being written for ALSA.
> I realise these are not cheap options, but i DO think  using  Hammerfall
> is a great starting point, especially, if you  have an ADAT capable
> mixing desk!
> cheers all-
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