[ardour-users] Duplicate Range?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sat Jul 7 06:36:45 PDT 2007

On 7/7/07, Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:
> On 7/7/07, Christopher Bailey <zipzappoozoo at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there a way to Duplicate a Range (as opposed to a Region or group of
> > Regions)?
> >
> > A nice thing in ProTools is duplicating a selection, which may include empty
> > space <after> a region(s), and it will put the next dupe <after> that empty
> > space.
> You know, we actually do have a Duplicate Range function (in the Range
> context menu), but it looks like it has a bug in that any trimmed
> parts of a region in the range are untrimmed in the duplicate.  A
> workaround is to select all the new regions afterwards and do a trim
> (together) back to where you had it.

Actually, the bug is worse in that it only duplicates the region
inside the range and doesn't pay attention to the range length at all
in terms of positioning.  So, when we fix that, you'll have what you


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