[ardour-users] No strictly Ardour question...

Brett W. McCoy idragosani at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 17:08:16 PST 2007

> > Are you running realtime kernel?
> >
> > -- Brett
> Thing is, I'm not sure. I installed what came with demudi - supposed to
> be low latency kernel - how do I tell?

Type uname -a and see what it shows, let's see at least what kernel
version you have.

Have you read the jack performance tuning tips on the jack website?

If you have to use root to get real-time performance, you are probably
running an older 2.4 kernel without the capabilities patch. You should
read this URL before continuing:


You probably want to check with the Agnula website to see what kind of
kernel is provided with your distro.

-- Brett
"In the rhythm of music a secret is hidden;
    If I were to divulge it, it would overturn the world."
               -- Jelaleddin Rumi

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