[ardour-users] ardour 2.0 beta 10 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Jan 4 11:51:25 PST 2007

Just in time for a new year special comes 2.0 beta 10, available as a 
source tarball:


or an OS X DMG:


We hope that beta 11 will be the last beta release of 2.0, followed by a
few minor "rc" releases as we clean up details. Change list is below:

   * new panner UI design, c/o Thorsten
         - click on the triangles to do hard-right, hard-left, center
   * save+restore global route state commands 
           (global solo/mute/rec-enable/meterpoint)
   * fix (?) crash bug when closing a session (typically accompanied by
	message from glib about a mutex being held)
   * revert FFT_ANALYSIS=true default to false, and check for fftw3.h if
	it is set to true
   * make shift-scrollwheel adjust height of automation tracks
   * re-enable action of middle button on a redirect name in redirect
   * more fixes for generic MIDI control and feedback 
   * make shift-click ("extend selection") work for tracks
   * save keybindings to file used at startup
   * allow keybindings file to be cmdline-specified
   * remove some GTK2FIX comments
   * fix (?) generic MIDI feedback based on john anderson's patch
   * apply scons patches from alexis
   * fix crash when taking MIDI ports online+offline
   * try to prevent aborts when shutting down due to metering thread    
   * start work on reconstructing GlobalFOOCommand commands
   * use ftruncate to hint at peakfile preallocation to reduce 
   * added logarithmic option for waveform scaling (flagrant disregard
	for feature-freeze)
   * added/fixed  save/restore of rectified and logscale waveform
	in session
   * modified sconstruct to look for certain libs in some common
	locations (/usr/local and /opt/local), this
	should be user controllable but isnt yet.
   * deals better with the libsndfile build when flac is installed
   * notice new locate requests while servicing old ones (makes a
	difference on large sessions)
   * write new session file to a different name then rename. this way if
	writing the file fails, the old file still exists. backup file still
   * cleanup handling of input changes at startup (a bit faster now)
   * auditioner connects to first two physical outputs, not hard-coded
   * stop AudioEngine (JACK client) at shutdown, as first step, not last
   * start engine before loading session, always - all sessions start
	"clean" now (i.e. not marked dirty and requiring a save)
   * fix crash caused when loading one session after another
   * truncate plugin and plugin parameter names in track control area
       (this used to make all the control areas grow horizontally)
   * do not save all of the undo history. 
       - this has been causing memory issues upon reload.
       - depth is now limited by a Configuration parameter
       - defaults to 100
       - no GUI editor for this parameter
   * new icons from thorsten
   * removed "orig_coordinates" debugging file
   * (BIG) use shared_ptr for all Playlist handling
   * "Cleanup" works again (more testing requested, use
      throwaway sessions)
   * Duplicated corrections done at revision 1175 for the
      plain "New" playlist dialog.
   * Zoom drag area now reaches the bottom of the canvas
   * Make playlists selected from other tracks visible
       in the playlist menu accessed from "p" on the track
   * "Remove last capture" added to the edit menu (it has
        been dropped accidentally in the transition process)
   * Ctrl-delete bound to remove last capture
   * Fixed loop play keyboard binding ("l")
   * don't save keybindings during startup
   * install and run using lib64 on x86_64 platforms
   * handle JACK port registration errors cleanly
   * specific JACK error message handler installed
   * removed debugging code that output fixed signals for "Audio 2"
   * tweaked panner appearance and consistency, panner line now distinct
         color from triangles.
   * shift-click now reverts panner to center, left or right depending
         number of channels.
   * fixed region editor re-show problem
   * updated OSX build scripts to automate making universal binaries
   * changes the way SMPTE format is stored in the session file.
        Please take note that the next time you open an existing ardour
        your "Timecode fps" setting will be lost and replaced with
   * snap to non BBT values no longer floors to the lower value
   * Handle non-integer SMPTE framerates properly
   * Calculate HMS in the verbose canvas cursor properly
   * resize the editor zoom buttons
   * Use a fixed size for the editor clock SMPTE display
   * Fix SMPTE framerate selection not "sticking" or producing incorrect
   * "play range" added 
   * "play region" should work again
   * fix for use with jackdmp
   * added max peak hold state to IO so that the true held peaks can be
       in the numeric field in the gui.
   * returned meter falloff to proper slower speeds

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