[ardour-users] MMC and Motu Midi Timepiece AV

Matthew Polashek matt at tinysongs.com
Tue Feb 20 07:59:20 PST 2007


I'm experimenting with syncing a MIDI Timepiece AV USB and Ardour on  
OSX 10.4.8 with a MOTU 2408 with the PCI 324 card in a Macintosh Gy  
1.25 mirror door tower.  I have a Yamaha Pro Mix 01 synced up with  
some faders and that all works excellently.  (Though I wish I could  
automate sends)  I'm using Core MIDI, of course, and MIDI Patchbay,  
and Ardour 0.99.3 with the MIDI options turned on, and MOTU's  
Clockworks software.  When experimenting with transport, not from the  
Pro Mix since it doesn't have transport, but from MOTU's clockworks  
software, and from an Alesis LRC vial the pedal input on the  
Timepiece.  Anyway, Ardour does not like receiving MMC from this  
stuff. Generally it freaks out with the LRC and eventually crashes,  
asking for a recompile with a larger heap or something.  With  
clockworks alone, it plays fine, but when I hit stop, it goes into  
fast forward and then the software becomes unresponsive.  I'll try  
with my Event EZBUS later, but one issue at a time, right?  Any ideas?


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