[ardour-users] A decent sound card for Ardour

Bengt Gördén bengan at kthnoc.net
Thu Feb 8 13:59:54 PST 2007

torsdag 08 februari 2007 20:23 skrev John Emmas:
> Just going off topic for a moment - is anyone here using OpenSUSE?
> Frustrated with having paid £300 for a new sound card, only to find that
> Ubuntu still won't work with it, I decided to try a copy of OpenSUSE 10.2
> that I got free with a magazine.  My first impressions were quite good - it
> recognised my sound card, though admittedly it still wouldn't play any
> sound..!  When I try to play a sound file I get a message along the lines
> "Unable to start playback - device is busy".  I'm just using Amarok for the
> moment.  I haven't installed Ardour yet.  However, Jack seems to be
> pre-installed (it wasn't installed by Ubuntu) and in fact, most of my
> hardware devices were found & configured a lot better than Ubuntu handled
> them.  OpenSuse seems to have a more 'polished' feel about it, to my
> uneducated eyes.
> I was just wondering if it might be worth switching to OpenSUSE or maybe
> some other distro?

I've switched to opensuse for my small studio. It's still 10.1 though. If you 
whant to use Suse take a look at http://jacklab.net/. And escpecially 


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