[ardour-users] ardour/muse out of sync

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 09:01:47 PST 2007

Jason Russler wrote:
> Hmm I don't _think_ that drift would occur due to latency
> compensation, it would just consistently be off by n samples the
> entire time.  How are you syncing the transports?  I assume you've
> selected JACK as your transport sync in both apps.

I have them set as I always do:


When muse is master it means I can have a full screen muse and navigate 
using it's playback controls when I'm focusing on the midi *or* navigate 
using ardours playback controls when I'm focusing on the audio.

Setting muse as slave disables the controls in muse, shows "extern" 
instead of the tempo and the programs sync perfectly.

However, snooping/grepping around I found the in the muse file (xml) 
something called "global tempo" was set to 101. Changing it to 100 fixed 
the problem. So afterall it wasn't ardour but muse that was screwed. 
Now, comparing the general stability/trustworhyness of the two programs, 
  I wonder why I blamed ardour in the first place. Well the fact that 
the problem occured after fidling with a plugin in ardour must have been 
the reason.

Now off to the muse list for an explanation of what "global tempo" is 
all about :-)

peace, love & harmony

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