[ardour-users] limits.conf WARNING

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Fri Feb 2 09:36:29 PST 2007

Brett Clark wrote:
>>> there is only root and the user "nowhiskey", who is in the audio group
> Then you are probably okay.  Im not aware of any attacks that could
> be made via memlock other than a process that would use up all the
> memory, then the swap, and eventually crash the machine.  It would
> be an annoyance, but not a serious system compromise.  And this
> is only a concern if your system is on a public network and you have
> simple passwords for either 'root' and/or 'nowhiskey'.
> --Brett
all right, very much thanks for the support!
i was recording a band some weeks ago with 12 channels simultaneously, 
and ardour showed up about 25-30% cpu load, so i don´t think that thare 
is any problem with the system here, but it is just good to clarify the 


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