[ardour-users] limits.conf WARNING

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Fri Feb 2 02:16:01 PST 2007

Quoting Dragan Noveski <perodog at gmx.net>:

> so i extended the limits.conf file here now:
>  @audio - rtprio 99
> @audio - memlock 500000
> @audio - nice -10
> @audio   soft            nolimit    4096  
> @audio   hard            nolimit    8192   
> but still there is that warning.
> as i understood sampo, it is not bad at all, its only a warning about a 
> existing of an maximum of memlock. but in the never svn, i get now the 
> warning not only in the terminal, but there is an extra window appearing
> before the ardourvst session opens.

Yes. There is now also a warning dialog. We are planning to put a "do not
show this dialog again" checkbox into the dialog. The idea is to make users
concious about the existing limit.

I feel the need to voice out one more concern: Some systems have an
"inherent" memlock limit which might be causing some people unnecessary
headache. This inherent limit shows up when no memlock clause is in
limits.conf. This can be as low as 32kb! That limit is so low that jackd
can't start, let alone ardour.

For the record, you can set that to unlimited by simply setting the
limits.conf memlock limit clause to "unlimited" (without the quotes).


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