[Ardour-Users] more precise control of automation?

plutek at infinity.net plutek at infinity.net
Sat Aug 25 18:30:14 PDT 2007


wondering if there is any more precise way to control the values of automation points. i.e. a dialogue to edit point values would be useful.

i've been trying to make a session which generates a series of 1/3-octave pink noise bursts, progressing up through the full frequency spectrum. if i use a bandpass filter after a pink noise generator, even with the centre frequency automation display at "largest" height, the available values in the low frequency range are useless -- there's not enough resolution. i can get enough control by moving the frequency control of the plugin, while in "write" mode, but it's impossible to do it precisely and without sliding around finding each point. then, the automation display doesn't even show all the entered points.

i know i could do this easily in i.e. pd, but this automation control issue is one i'm running up against in various situations in ardour. any clues about a possible way to accomplish such a thing?

it'd also be nice to do it in ardour, so i can record the playback of the noise bursts in my studio, and see easily what recorded result corresponds with what filter setting by watching the two tracks in parallel, while patching the recorded track through to a spectrograph as well to see the results graphically.

anyway... i'm rambling.... thoughts about the automation resolution question....??


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