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thanks for your replies so far :-)

am Samstag, 25. August 2007 09:36 schrieb Hein Zelle:
> Looking very nice.  I'm not quite sure how much demand there would be
> for a paper manual, given that ardour is always used on a computer,
> but my guess is that it's certainly worth keeping.

and i'll gladly do that. surely ardour is always used on a computer, and 
whoever is used to changing/hiding/resizing windows every now an then might 
keep working that way, no argument here. i just like to have the 
documentation on the table, so i can leave the window arrangements untouched.

in addition, i even find this one document more useful for quick lookups on a 
computer, because i can perform a full keyword search without klicking 
through to the subsection pages where (supposedly) i'll find what i was 
looking for. [i'm considering to include a real keyword index at a later 
time, though]

> One hint perhaps: for a paper manual you might consider reducing the
> bottom page margin a little.

i've changed the margins a little, it still looks quite pretty, but that saved 
about 25 pages -- thanks for the hint :-)

right now i try to compile LyX 1.5.1, to give the built-in glossary support a 
try that came with 1.5.x. if i succeed, this evening will see an updated 
version. if i don't, i'll cry a little, and improvements might have to 

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