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Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 10:27:49 PDT 2007

And after sending the last reply, I realized I forgot to Reply-All, so here
is 'what I just typed up';)


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You have no idea how much I would love it, since i am currently submitting a
few new bugs/crashes/etc to Mantis at the moment I will add that one in as a
feature request if I can't find it from previous.

The following is random musings I haven't put into coherent thoughts as I go
along though, some of these might be VERY BAD ideas;)....

As a follow up question, is it possible to get automation assigned to the
playlist?  For example I am mixing down 4 takes of 24 tracks of a live
performance.  The automation and location(Will come back to this
momentarily) of all the songs are all different for each take obviously, and
each take is about 2 and a half hours long.  So my thought process was,
until I found out it doesn't work, that I would do each take on each track
as a playlist, and set the basic mix as I needed to, and switch between
playlists to compare takes.  Just thoughts striking me as I go along.

Along those lines plugins set to match the playlists...  I suppose this is
getting a bit more complicated to manage though, just tossing out the idea
for others to run with if they choose to and want to figure out how to get
it in in a sane way from a user management point of view.  At this point it
almost seems like it would be a set of individual tracks for each take, and
only having one of those tracks active at any given time, but not sure that
will be worth the effort.

Along those lines, the ability to switch location markers to match the takes
would be great as well.  Whether this is, as it s done in some programs, a
track dedicated to markers and text, or whatnot I don't know.  Just tossing
it out there.


On 8/21/07, Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:
> > At any rate, deleting playlists?
> Nope, 6 years and still no delete playlist from the GUI.  Just one of
> those things that got lost at the bottom of the pile, for some reason.
> Maybe one of us will do it this week :)
> jlc
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