[Ardour-Users] Deleting Playlists

Thomas Vecchione seablaede at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 09:51:58 PDT 2007

Ok stupid question time...

How do you DELETE a playlist?  Is this even possible?  Yes I am aware that
they don't take up much resources, however I was going through and trying to
create one new playlist on each track, and ended up creating 24 new
playlists on several tracks, and small resources or not, that slows down my
productivity as that is now 24 playlists I do not need to go through to find
the one I am looking for.

In case you are wondering, this happened because I would create a single
playlist on my first track, then hit the 'p' button on the second track,
which would then select the second track AS WELL AS the first, and would
create a playlist there, which would also create a new one on the first
track, causing me to have two on the first track.  Repeat this for 24 tracks
and it adds up quick.  So personally I am wondering if hitting the 'p'
button shouldn't deselect previously selected tracks, unless for example,
CTRL is held down while clicking on it.  I don't dislike the ability to
create a new playlist on each track at once, just the selection
functionality there.  Or maybe it is just me, who knows.

At any rate, deleting playlists?

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