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Lieven Moors lievenmoors at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 07:49:59 PDT 2007

Am Samstag, 11. August 2007 schrieb Paul Davis:> On Sat, 2007-08-11 at 18:21 +0200, Arnold Krille wrote:> > Am Samstag, 11. August 2007 schrieb Lieven Moors:> > > Hi everybody,I'm installing Boost on my System, and I am installing all> > > libraries.I don' t like the fact that boost is so big, so I would like> > > to know which libraries ardour exactly needs.I read ardour only uses> > > the header files. But this is confusing since I read most of the> > > boost-libraries consist of header files only.Can I build ardour against> > > the boost source-tree without installing boost? I'm not familiar with> > > scons, so I wouldn't know how to do that.Thanks for your> > > help,greetsLieven> > As far as I know you don't need any boost installed for ardour. For one> > because boost is so big, ardour ships the headers it needs.> this is not true. we include the source code of C++ libraries that we> build into shared objects and link against, but we do not include boost> precisely because we do not link against it - we just include header> files and compile our code normally.Ah, so its probably only a problem for gentoo-users, because:> i regret that you find boost "too big". compared the standard size of> most modern disks, its pretty tinycompiling boost (and gentoo installs either the whole lib/app or nothing) takes more time than compiling ardour. And spending two hours compiling a package where only some headers are needed is kind of silly... but not really your problem...> and it offers way, way too much > functionality for us to consider reinventing/reimplementing those parts> of it that we are using.Maybe the relevant headers can be included in ardour? And only used if no newer version is found in the system?This works for some libs (inclusion in ardour that is), why shouldn't it work for some headers?ArnoldBTW: No need to CC me, I read the list (and especially answers to my posts) regularly. :-)Sorry, i couldn't reply because i only received the digest. So I copied the thread.I tried installing boost without the parts that need compilation. I think the necessary header files are now installed on my system, but I am still not able tocompile ardour, because of boost. So i suspect the header files might not be enough after all.I still wonder what parts of boost are used in ardour...I also noticed that ardour looks for boost in /usr/local. All my libraries are in /usr (I work withLinux From Scratch). As a wild guess, I changed the /usr/local references in the boost section of the Sconstruct file (I'm not familiar with scons). After that I could start compiling ardour(so it found boost headers), but it ended with lots of (i think) boost errors.I have not enough space left for the whole of boost on my root partition. So I need to find another solution...thanks for your helplieven 
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