[Ardour-Users] Ardour 2.0.5 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Aug 3 11:29:10 PDT 2007

In another mostly-fixup release, the Ardour project brings
you release 2.0.5, mostly to correct issues discovered on OS X after
2.0.4 was released (There was no email notification of 2.0.4's release
because of these issues).

The tarball: http://ardour.org/files/releases/ardour-2.0.5.tar.bz2 

The DMG: http://ardour.org/files/releases/Ardour-2.0.5.dmg

Changes since 2.0.4

* code builds on OS X and older Linux systems (side-effect: reduced
   memory utilization by automation data)
* font sizes parametized (to allow easier maintainance of themes
   on OSX & Linux
* crash revealed by GTK+ 2.11 (unstable new version of GTK) fixed

Changes since 2.0.3

* protect ardour from sessions with errant capture sources stored in 
    the (pending) session state. This was a major bug that has affected
    many people over the last several releases. It is now fixed.
* add Theme Manager, including new "light" theme
* add delta-cursor option from trunk (allows clock to display
    the gap between the edit+playback cursors)
* massively increase automation resolution
* support for 16 bit native file format
* stop audio clocks from vanishing when turned off
* plugin selection dialog now has filtering by name, type, author and
* permit GUI user-driven add/remove of MIDI ports
* fix for radio grouping of subframes menu options
* fix crossfade editor-induced crashing
* safeguard against false disk underruns when punching in
* correctly save user-modified keybindings to
    ~/.ardour2/ardour.bindings* fixes for building against GTK-OSX
(Ardour now builds and runs on OS X
    without X11 - this is a source code feature, the DMG for OS X will
    still use X11 for now)
* lots and lots of work to the Mackie Control surface support (many
    small changes and incremental improvements)

Fixes and features this release from: Sampo Savoleinen, Doug McLain,
Ben Loftis, John Anderson, Jesse Chappell and your grunt, Paul Davis.

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