[Ardour-Users] realtime previewing of effects (specifically vst)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Aug 1 23:13:14 PDT 2007

Andrew Johnston hat gesagt: // Andrew Johnston wrote:

> Just wondering if there is an option in Ardour I may have missed that will
> allow me to do realtime preview of the ladspa or vst effect I have on a
> track ie. to hear guitar distortion fx while playing, rather than after it's
> recorded. 

That depends on how you do your monitoring. If you use (zero latency)
hardware monitoring or external monitoring through your mixing desk,
then your recorded signal is not really passing through Ardour, it's
just captured there. That's why you won't hear the effects when

To be able to hear the effect of the effects you need to use some kind
of software monitoring, that is, you need to listen to Ardour's output
instead of the incoming signal. Check the monitoring section in the
manual for a bit more info.

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