[Ardour-Users] BCF2000 and Mackie: quick poll

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Wed Aug 1 11:17:39 PDT 2007

On 1 August 2007 at 16:26, John Anderson <ardour at semiosix.com> wrote:

> > I think the modal system will certainly slow me down as I think I'll 
> > have more button pushing to do.
> How often do you use both ffwd/rew and next/prev marker in quick
> succession?

I use lots of markers.  When I'm at marker 20 and want to go to 
marker 2, then I can rewind to the beginning and then move ahead to 
marker 2, which is better than moving 18 markers backwards.

> > What advantage does the change offer?
> The mackie physical layout has the big ffwd/rew buttons close to the jog
> wheel. Seems more intuitive to me that they can work either to markers
> or as ffwd/rew, depending on what the user wants.
> And with the BCF layout, the bottom 4 buttons are grouped together.
> Currently they jump to markers. But some people might find it more
> convenient to use them as ffwd/rew. I'm trying to find out who prefers
> what.

BCF is what I use.

> Personally, I prefer to use markers. But that doesn't mean everyone
> will.
I'm in the marker crowd.

Thanks for thinking about all this!


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